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Subscription-based Asset Management Software Announced

April 21, 2009 09:00 AM

Intelligent Infrastructure Management solution for mid-market built on IBM Maximo 7 platform

Mark Damm

Fuseforward, a developer and integrator of advanced infrastructure management solutions for asset-intensive enterprises such as governments, utilities and businesses, has announced an OEM agreement with IBM that enables Fuseforward to build its Intelligent Infrastructure Management platform leveraging IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) technology - software that provides insight for enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes to improve planning and control.

Through the OEM agreement with IBM, Fuseforward is able to introduce its Intelligent Infrastructure Management platform to market in a subscription-based pricing model that makes IBM's enterprise-class functionality affordable for small to mid-sized cities, utilities, businesses and other asset-intensive enterprises. Intelligent Infrastructure Management integrates operations and service management; asset tracking, analytics and planning; industry-specific asset management tools; spatial (GIS) and mobile extensions; and an online asset management knowledge/collaboration portal.

"Our OEM relationship with IBM allows us to open a new market for advanced infrastructure management tools by offering small to mid-sized enterprises a complete solution based on Maximo that they can afford today," said Mark Damm, CEO of Fuseforward. "Until now, this level of functionality has been beyond the reach of this market."

"The OEM agreement with Fuseforward represents a growing part of IBM's software business through which we work with business partners to embed our technology to serve as the backbone for  solutions that meet the specific needs of their customers," said Bill Sawyer, Vice President, Maximo and Hosting Operations, IBM Tivoli. "Fuseforward is leveraging IBM Maximo's technology to create a subscription-based Intelligent Infrastructure solution designed to provide their customers with a holistic view of their assets."

Fuseforward's Intelligent Infrastructure Management platform is designed to support advanced asset management, operations management, and "intelligent" system management in asset-intensive enterprises such as cities, utilities, campuses and transportation agencies, as well as their service providers, including facilities management firms and maintenance contractors. The platform enables customers to:

  • Comply with financial and environmental regulations
  • Achieve environmentally sound and sustainable operations
  • Deliver services more efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Optimize the performance and value of their asset portfolios over their entire life cycle
  • Develop long-range maintenance and replacement plans
  • Manage environmental footprints and support carbon trading programs.

Intelligent Infrastructure Management is furnished as a fully managed solution in an on-demand (web-based) service, or loaded onto an IBM hardware appliance for deployment on the customer's site.     

Fuseforward International Inc. is a privately held Canadian corporation headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, with offices in Sacramento, Chicago and Kingston, Ontario, and business partners throughout the world. Established in 1998, Fuseforward designs, builds and implements complex infrastructure management systems for cities, utilities and similar asset-intensive organizations.


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