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Automated Data Movement for the Enterprise

March 30, 2009 09:00 AM

Brian Pick
Sales Manager
Linoma Software

Linoma Software is proud to announce version 2.0 of GoAnywhere, a centralized solution for automating data movement, encryption, translation and compression.   With GoAnywhere’s intuitive interface and extensive functionality, organizations can quickly streamline the exchange of data with their customers, trading partners and internal servers.

Version 2.0 of GoAnywhere is a major release and provides a multitude of new features including:

  • An enhanced graphical interface to make it easier to set up and monitor data transfers.
  • More connectivity options for FTP and secure SFTP / FTPS servers with broader support for non-typical servers.
  • Enhanced support for user-defined conditions, which can be used to determine which processes are executed.  For instance, only run a process if a certain file exists in a directory.
  • More scheduling options which are primarily useful for scanning directories for files.
  • Ability to define variables based on values from files, databases and other variables.  These variables can then be used as parameters in GoAnywhere processes.
  • Ability to package and unpackage files using TAR and UNTAR standards.
  • Ability to add and subtract values from dates and times, which is primarily useful for performing file searches on directories using date/time filters.
  • Ability to rename groups of files in a directory with user-defined prefixes and suffixes.
  • Ability to automate the search and replacement of strings within files.
  • Ability to authenticate user passwords against Windows Active directories and LDAP servers.
  • Better interoperability with older versions of PGP encryption software.
  • More options when translating data to text files.
  • Ability to exchange data with, and call processes in, other GoAnywhere installations.
  • Comprehensive on-line help text with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials

"Many of the enhancements in this version have been requested by our customers.  The new features will give them more flexibility with their transfers, defining variables and more encryption options," said Brian Pick Sales Manager at Linoma Software.

GoAnywhere connects to a wide array of servers for exchanging data, including FTP, Secure SFTP and FTPS, HTTP(S), Email, DB2®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, Sybase®, MySQL and Informix® servers.  No additional components need to be installed onto any servers which GoAnywhere connects to. This centralized non-evasive solution allows organizations to save significant licensing fees and maintain a single point of control.

By utilizing GoAnywhere’s strong encryption technologies, organizations can be confident that their sensitive data transmissions are secured… even when that data is exchanged over the public internet.  Transmissions can be protected using the popular OpenPGP, SSL and SSH encryption standards. Data can also be compressed (using ZIP and GZIP) and translated to/from other formats, including Excel, XML, delimited text (CSV) and fixed-width text formats.

The open architecture of GoAnywhere allows for deployment onto IBM® System i, Microsoft® Windows, Linux, UNIX®, HP-UX® and SUN Solaris platforms. 

A free, fully-functional 30 day trial of GoAnywhere is available at  

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